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Mike Dido

Designer T-Shirt with a Pink Heart And Yellow Cat by Mike Dido

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  • The Mike Dido Tee Fabric is VERY SOFT LIKE A BABY'S SKIN. You won't want to part with a t-shirt day or night!
  • Best 100% Premium Cotton. Eco-Dyed. SUPER CLEAN: Cotton has 2.5x more impurities combed out than standard ring-spun cotton
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  • The T-shirt will be made in 2-4 days and delivered to you in 5-7 days

A T-shirt That Cheers Up When You're In A Bad Mood, Stressed, Or Depressed

This is a Designer T-Shirt with a pink heart and yellow cat from the Unique Capsule Collection “Pink Happiness”. The collection includes 3 t-shirts. The design was created by artist Mike Dido using watercolors.

T-shirts from this collection have gained great popularity among residents of megacities, where stress is their constant companion.

The design of this T-shirt is based on the tools of art therapy and color therapy, which bring great benefits to the owner of the T-shirt! Artist Mike Dido used special colors, symbols, and images that can harmonize your psycho-emotional state. A T-shirt will improve your mood because its design carries only positive meaning!

Studies have shown that pink improves well-being. It is used for therapeutic purposes in situations with people who have suffered negative emotional upheavals. So when you're sad or depressed, wear this T-shirt! The pink color on this print will set you in a serene state and the problems that spoil your mood will no longer seem hopeless.

The symbolism incorporated into the design of this T-shirt by the artist will work with your subconscious mind in a positive way and thus have a beneficial effect on your mood.

A big pink heart representing a lot of love and a cat giving his kind loving heart will convey to your subconscious mind the idea that the world is not hostile, that the world is friendly and full of Love for you! As a result, your well-being will begin to improve. You will feel how your mood changes for the better and how the taste for life wakes you up. And then there may be a desire to get some pleasure, for example, to meet a BFF for whom you do not have enough time due to the heavy workload at work.

Like the heroines of the photo from this product, you will walk around the city with a bestie wearing t-shirts from the “Pink Happiness” collection and feel serene and happy! You will share news and plans for life, discuss your significant other, recipes for delicious dishes, fashionable duds, and everything else that makes women happy when they get together. Late in the evening, remembering this meeting, lying in bed, you will fall asleep with a feeling of complete satisfaction!

With love, Tina Dido
Founder of Mike Dido
Instagram: tinadidoart



MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT CONTRIBUTES TO YOUR SUCCESSWe create T-shirt designs based on the most popular trends in the fashion industry and take into account all the nuances of fashion trends. Therefore, when will you wear a Mike Dido T-shirt, you will look modern, fashionable, and successful, which will greatly facilitate your lifeIt will help you move faster in your career, make useful acquaintances and friends with ease, and be popular with the opposite sex!

THE QUALITY OF THE MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT WILL DELIGHT YOUWe create Mike Dido T-shirts in cooperation with a renowned American T-shirt manufacturer, for whom the quality of its products is of the utmost importance!

THE BEST 100% THOROUGHLY CLEANED COTTON FOR PRODUCE A MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT. For the production of the T-shirt, 100% cotton of the highest quality was used, from comb out 2.5x more impurities than standard ring-spun cotton used in the manufacture of ordinary T-shirts. Such a thoroughly cleaned material makes the yarn for fabric production strong and smooth!

MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT CREATES SO PLEASANT SENSATIONS THAT YOU EVEN WANT TO SLEEP IN IT. The soft and smooth texture of the fabric of the Mike Dido Tee has a soothing effect on people with increased irritability and sensitive skin. Therefore, you will not want to part with it even at night! Your sleep in this T-shirt will be very comfortable!

The production technology of the fabric does not allow the appearance of a rough surface, which is characteristic of low-price T-shirts.


Why are all our T-shirts straight fit? Because a straight-cut T-shirt is a symbol of the modern era, personifying the need for comfort, freedom of movement, and denial of gender conventions. Wearing such a T-shirt, you will look appropriate and complementary in any society, and Mike Dido's design will add chic and beauty to the T-shirt!

What makes the straight-cut tee a cult?

  • A straight-cut T-shirt raises self-esteem. You will not need to feel embarrassed about your figure,  because this model around your body doesn't tight and thus hides flaws.
  • A straight-cut T-shirt promotes social success. It will be easier for you to gain respect from those around you, because in a t-shirt with a straight cut, people will perceive you as a person, and not as a sexual object. In a modern civilized society, personal merit is more valuable than gender qualities.
  • A straight-cut T-shirt - it's fashionable. All well-known fashion brands produce T-shirts in this cut to keep up with the trends of modern times. 
  • A t-shirt with a straight cut, which is comfortable in. This model does not hinder movement and allows the body to move freely. 

MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT WITHSTANDS UP TO 50 WASHES AND RETAINS ITS COLOR AND SHAPE. Due to the technology of combing and ring spinning, the fabric from which the T-shirt is turning out to be durable and hard-wearing.

MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT DOES NOT TEAR AND DOES NOT LOSE ITS SHAPE IN PLACES OF TENSION OF THE FABRICFor added strength, the shoulder and neck seams are reinforced with braid and triple stitching at the fabric tension points.


THE VIBRANT COLORS OF THE PRINT ON THE MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT LAST FOR A LONG TIMEThe design is applied to the T-shirt by a Kornit printer. The Kornit company is recognized as the world leader in the production of the best equipment for printing on fabrics. The ink with which this printer prints will not wash out of the fabric and will not fade for a long time!

ECO-FRIENDLY MIKE DIDO T-SHIRT. The fabric is dyed at a factory in Los Angeles with the most environmentally friendly dyes. The water used in the dyeing process is purified and reused. Re-use reduces water consumption by 7 times compared to an average clothing manufacturer. Thus, the T-shirt manufacturer saves natural resources!

HEALTH-FRIENDLY PRINT ON MIKE DIDO T-SHIRTThe print inks are water-based, free of toxins, safe for health, and do not cause an allergic reaction on the skin. 

YOU CARE ABOUT NATURE WHEN YOU BUY A MIKE DIDO T-SHIRTWe take good care of nature and we are against the pollution of nature with waste that appears as a result of the disposal of unsold goods. Therefore, we do not make stocks of goods in the warehouse and produce a T-shirt individually for you only after you make payment.


How to wash. At 86 ° F / 30 ° C, the T-shirt will withstand up to 50 washes without noticeable degradation of print color. The T-shirt should be inside out and washed without bleach. Avoid direct sunlight on the print while drying. 
Product Specifications:
  • 100% combed and ring-spun cotton
  • Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)
  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Side-seamed construction
  • Artist and Designer Mike Dido
  • Design printed in the USA

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