How To Choose The Right Mike Dido T-Shirt Size

How to choose the right size for a Mike Dido T-Shirt so that it fits your body well

All Mike Dido T-shirts are categorized as Unisex, meaning straight cut. They sit freely on the body and perfectly hide figure flaws. Any Mike Dido print looks great on these T-shirts.

Mike Dido Unisex T-Shirts are a couple of inches longer than T-shirts from other brands of the same size. Thus, human attention focuses on the person wearing the T-shirt, not on his body parts - on his personal qualities, and not on the features of the figure. This will help you look dignified and appropriate, and people will form a good impression of you.

To choose the right size for your Mike Dido T-Shirt, you need to measure the underarm bust with a tape measure. For a woman, it is better to wear a bra before starting the measurement.

If the measurement result shows a borderline figure, then you should think about ordering the next size. For instance:

As a result of measuring your underarm bust, you gone a figure of 45 inches. According to our chart, it is L-size (42-45 inches). However, 45 inches is a borderline figure. If your body has excessive volume in the abdomen or sides, then it is better to choose the next size - XL - it will help you look slimmer.

You should also consider choosing the XL size if your result of measuring is 44 inches but you have excess volume in the above areas.

Important information: each Mike Dido T-Shirt with print is made individually for each customer and therefore cannot be exchanged or returned.

Be careful when choosing the size. Don't trust your feelings. To select the correct size, be sure to measure your chest girth with a tape measure.